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I love when brands capitalize on current events through social media. 

Tough break, Auburn.

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Really cool Turkish commercial.

Mike sure does have this advertising thing down!

Google showing “In Depth Articles” at the bottom of SERPs now?

Google showing “In Depth Articles” at the bottom of SERPs now?


Yahoo reveals its new logo

Verge: Yahoo has revealed its new logo after changing it every day for the past month. The logo change was part of an effort toadd fresh visual interest to the tech brand, while maintaining the color and exclamation point.

Video via Yahoo.

Really love the way Yahoo! has changed over the last 6 months. As an avid user of Yahoo! Fantasy Football (and nothing else) I think it’s awesome the changes they’ve made. The interface is cool, and they have added some awesome new features! Very impressed.

I would also love more info about the creation process of the logo. This is something that has always fascinated me since logos (particularly text logos) do not look that complicated, but businesses spend a lot of time and money on designing them.

I always wanted to create an online dating site. Ever since I can remember when I first started coming up with ideas the first one that came to mind was some take on online dating. Initially it seems like something that would be easy to attract users - have something that differentiates you from the rest, and people will come. Additionally, it’s a recurring revenue model so if you can get 1M users paying $5 a month - not a bad haul, right? So anyways, here are my online dating site ideas:

- The first one: Some kind of resume for your past relationships. I’m thinking LinkedIn meets OkCupid. Obviously you wouldn’t name names (but you would assign a nickname for your ex(es)) and then bullet point the highlights; preferably good and bad. 

- WeHateIt: Pair people up based on things they hate. This is one I really like, just because I think it’s completely different from the major players in online dating. Everybody wants to compare people based on things they like and qualities/traits they possess - but what if we can base it on a mutual hatred of the band Nickelback? Or the fact that we both hate red meat? I really think this could work.

- Short form dating - I have no use for online dating anymore, but I think Tinder has his niche sewn up. Less random hitting on people and more I like you, you like me - let’s chat. I wanted to create something that would let people identify if they are attracted to a person and then if that person reciprocates - BAM! We’re in business!

- Truly “blind” dating - There’s a lot of self conscious people out there, and while attraction definitely plays a role in relationships I think it would be interesting to see how people react to online dating when they cannot see each other. I suppose nothing would stop people from trading pictures via emails (though if eBay can block me from sending my email in messages, I think we can figure something out). People have to use their words to attract other people - which could make for some interesting matches.

- Online dating * 5 - So Grouper kind of does this already, but with less of an actual “dating” feel vs. just people hanging out. I thought it’d be cool to pair up groups of friends. A couple guys, a couple girls, 2-4 of each and they go out together. If one love connection comes of the meeting, then AWESOME! People are more comfortable with their friends so this just makes sense to me.

I could probably come up with more if I needed to, but these are the ones I’ve thought about most. I should really figure out how to go about starting one (or more) of these, just to see what happens.

makes me want to create a better experience for conference-goers to connect easier. Some kind of social platform that brings in tweets and other hash-tagged things + provides opportunities for people to chat directly and connect with people hiring at the conference. I think there’s a lot of opportunity here - need to flesh out an idea.

I love Nike commercials.

Calumet, MI - Aug 8-12 2013

Cousin’s Wedding

If I Worked For… is going to be a recurring segment where I discuss things I would try to do if I worked for popular companies. I’m not promising the ideas will be amazing or groundbreaking, but ideally they will help drive new users and revenue. Feel free to take my ideas, but if please email me if you do! I’m very curious to hear how they turned out. 

Company: Uber.com

About: For the uninitiated, or those that live in small towns Uber is an on-demand black car service (which has expanded to include Hybrids and, in some cities, Taxis). You can request a car via an app on your phone and set your location using the GPS. The nearest car will be routed to you, pick you up and drop you off. All payments are done via the credit card on your account so you don’t have to exchange money with the driver - plus it’s a much better experience than hailing a cab on the street. If you’re new, sign up here!

Background: I’ve been an avid Uber user for several years now. The first time was during a snow storm in Seattle and I wanted to go to a friend’s house. I called Uber and 5 minutes later a black SUV arrived and picked me up - and I was hooked. I have now ubered in: Seattle, New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Austin (Uber Pedicab @ SXSW 2011). 

Ideas: I think Uber is an awesome idea and it has really shaken things up across the board. Everything is trying to be “the uber of…” (there’s boats, cars, planes, restaurants…laundry services.) Specific to Uber though I think their major competition is coming from more affordable, though less elegant options, such as Lyft and SideCar. The latter two provide similar on-demand car services, but with regular people driving their regular cars. (I am not familiar with the restrictions for either of these services, but I have ridden in some comparatively very unimpressive cars on both services). 

The most important thing for Uber (or any of these companies, really) is to differentiate themselves from the others and I think  there’s several opportunities to do this and that Uber is the best positioned to do it.

Give Me a Reason To Use Your Service - Or the “Subway Sub Club Stamps” idea. I used to love going to Subway and collecting the stamps and then trading them in for free sandwiches. I love easy to use loyalty programs. Given how all of these services are app based it should be very easy for them to track loyal users and reward them. When I first started using Uber in Seattle I used it ALL the time, I was the mayor on Foursquare! Uber does a lot to give back to people and encourage people to sign up, but now I think it’s time to focus some of those efforts on encouraging people to repeat. Give me $10 after I take 10 rides - it’s not a lot, but it’s something!

Customization - Or the “Myspace Layout” idea. This is pretty straight forward but allow me to create my own, consistent experience. There are some things that are simple and could be implemented across the board:

  • Pull the passengers seat up all the way to give the most legroom (hey, I’m 6’6”, it’s real out here!)
  • Water - have small bottles of water in the car, super easy and almost always a lifesaver. 

Beyond this there are simple things that would be very easy to create a more special experience for each rider:

  • Radio station - let me pick what I would want on the radio (NPR, rap, rock, country, no radio)
  • Temperature - A/C on? Window(s) down? etc…
  • Set locations - I always wanted to be able to set “home” or “work” or “friend’s house” and then be able to one-click select that location and request a car 

In summation, give me a reason to stick with you all the time, aside from the promo codes. And let me set my preferences for my ride. I think all of these ideas would be pretty simple to implement and would make the service even better!

Have any thoughts? Let me know!

Topic: Ilya Gregorik's Page Speed Presentation on SlideShare


  • Google seems to really care about page speed. It’s been widely known for a long time that this is important in terms of SEO, but it seems like it’s becoming more important even though Google has shifted away from on-page ranking factors in recent times.
  • Google recommends the PageSpeed Module that “automatically applies web performance best practices to pages adn associated assets - without requiring that you modify your existing content or workflow.” - This is the coolest thing I’ve heard in a long time, and makes PageSpeed enhancements a no-brainer. (I will definitely be bringing this up at work next week!) 
  • At MozCon this year Matt Peters presented data about ranking factors in 2013 that would indicate that response time is more important than overall load speed.


Using Mean Spearman Correlation (I didn’t know what it was either); the data shows that when sites have slower response time that correlates to lower rankings - and that document load time does not impact either way.

  • According to Ilya’s presentation enabling the PageSpeed module improved a site’s speed by ~30% 

There’s a lot of great info about the PageSpeed Module in this presentation; a lot of it may be over the head of most people (myself included in some cases) but it’s definitely worth reviewing just to get familiar with the process to bring it up with devs you work with.

I just got this email, while flattering, I think I’m going to have to pass.

Dear Justin,

I hope you don’t mind my contacting you, but your credentials are quite
impressive and I would love to speak to you. We have helped countless
individuals realize their dreams of owning a business of their own. Based
on your resume, I can see that you are quite accomplished in your field and
may welcome the chance to apply your expertise in a more entrepreneurial

Our network of franchisors represents the hundreds of major franchise
businesses that currently exist in the industry. Our services simply assist
prospective clients, such as yourself, in researching and selecting
available franchise businesses that best suit desired lifestyles and
financial goals. The research, qualification, and application service we
provide costs you absolutely nothing; our affiliates get paid by the
franchisor if and when you open your doors.

This is a unique opportunity that would allow you to apply your experience
to a business of your own, increasing your earning potential and allowing
you some much deserved flexibility in your career.

We would love to speak with you and provide more insight, as well as answer
any questions you may have. Please visit us at [website redacted] and
fill out the “Contact Us” form for more information. When we receive your
information, one of our Franchise Coordinators will give you a call to
discuss the next steps.

2014 Mercedes Benz CLA.

Ordering tomorrow. Due in Sep/Oct!

Can't Wait!

Strong call to action from the best damn Vietnamese restaurant in San Francisco.